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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Johns make

If you would like to make HALLOWEEN cobwebs go on to

I used an app called a beautiful mess to make some changes I wrote boo and added a border(with my mum)


Olivia's makes

I have made a really cute patched panda out of silk clay. He is so easy to make with a bit of patience.

I made the sewing effect with a cocktail stick.I've made a load of other things out of silk clay.



Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Xmas roundup

Just clearing some pics from the old ipad and thought i d do an xmas roundup.

Elas and olaf in Hama beads by O - well done!


Lots of xmas baking this year. Stollen was from James Morten's bread book and very good.

Small xmas ginger biscuits went down a storm with the kids. Recipe is from a tesco magazine with extra spice added.

An xmas cake with bow design! Found a vintage Spode plate in a C shop for £4, so it looked nice on there.

Some messy jam tarts for the non mince pie loving crowd.

Makingwise i did homemade crackers which were v popular this year and filked with homemade lavender soaps and vintage silk bow ties, yep from the C shop £1 each! I made a willow tree and we added decorations each day advent style. Some were chocolate and others had outings on the number cards. The kids enjoyed it and it looked really effective lit up.


Gift tags from paint samples with button toppers, these were very effective, wish I had made more.sharon and i had a great afternoon card making which was the inspiration for these.



Mostly willow weaving

The results of a lovely afternoon at my craft soul, Zola's crafting workshop in Cobham. I did make a super
Willow wall hanging

Sadly Zola is closing her workshop at the end of january this year but I am so impressed with what she acheived over the 9 months she was open. homeless from flooding and doing 2 other jobs at the same time!


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mostly mushrooms

Way bac in half term when the weather was dry and amazingly warm the kids did a tree climbing day at Langley Park in Bucks. Fantastic day and sooooo many mushrooms. Ive always wanted to do a foraging course to learn more about them. Below the only one i know with certainty is the deadly fly agric, but it is a spectactular fairy toadstool one.
And i discovered the black and white filter on my iphone.... Finally!




Mostly instagram

Im on instagram as mostlymaking i think! Here is a selection from the end of the year. There are a few homemade goodies, cakes mainly and some sewing but ive been super busy helping Stokie Bloke with painting and his VAT account since the summer so this poor blog has suffered. I ll make a decision whether to carry on with it soon. In the meantime here is some eye candy....






Monday, 8 September 2014

Mostly upcycling furniture

Heres a lovely mirror bought from homesense but it was the wrong colour so I annie sloan it in graphite and then didnt distress it but just varnished it with a matt varnish. Now in our living room.

This mirror is in our hall. Bought a large gold frame from SueRyder Nettlebed sales for £50. Then re mirrored it for £30 and painted two coats of country grey annie sloan and distress and wax. When i repaint the hall white it will stand out more and if i prefer i can always paint over it in the graphite colour which i really like too.



Like this one, seen i. A mag! And it looks like our bathroom so i may do a mirror like this for our bathroom too! I ll need another pot of graphite paint though...





Two old oak dining chairs which i picked up for free locally. Painted in annie sloan Aubusson blue. With old white under. Now i ve recovered the seat in Laura ashley Dalton Franch Grey fabric and done the other of the pair. I ll be selling them i think as we dont have room for them.... Any takers?