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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mostly raining...

it has been so long since my last post that i had to look up what font i used! anyway since i just £180 on my car insurance, i am feeling pretty pleased with myself and as a reward dear readers you finally get the next post.
as the title says it has been mostly raining here in Blighty since the last post so not too many opportunities for photos. however we did get to visit about 10 million snowdrops a few weekends back; it was a brilliant sunny springlike day and very beautiful.thanks to claire for her camera loan as i forgot mine... doh

 since we last communed i have finished a few (sadly only a few) projects and had a very inspirational crochet lesson from the fabulous sigrun (aka Oma!) Luisa started me off on the crochet trail and i think i will perservere though i find it odd holding the yarn in my left hand (the speed element is very encouraging though as your crochet grow so much faster than knitting!)

first off i made some firelighters for my husband (well actually for the new love of his life; the stove). i'm not sure this is what waitrose had in mind for their cupcake cases but still...
it was very easy to melt an old candle, pour the wax into the cases and then add the dry pinecone with wick wrapped around it and leave to set. j had fun make "cone cakes" and i set them out in a rough heart shape with a valentines card for d. am not sure he really appreciates them as he still seems to be using his blow torch to start the fire in the stove anyway...hmmm

i made a few book marks and coasters from scraps and here's a selection (inspired by breadandbuttons) . i need to make greater inroads into my stash than just these though...

i've also painted a charity shop bargain chair (2 for £4) with lovely annie sloan chalk paint. husband is dubious about it but it is easy to use, doesn't smell and waxes up a treat. with no sanding, yes you read right no sanding! genius. more paint projects on their way soon.

thanks for all your lovely comments dear friends, do sign up to be a follower so you are updated with the latest, bookmark me and add your comments to the post. it'll encourage me to keep going!
am signing off as heat of stove not reaching me upstairs...

patchwork coaster and lovely cup from deirdre via anthropologie...


  1. Very nice Blog Deb!
    Thanks for my birthday card, have lost your address etc. Please resend! Will arrange a visit soon!


  2. oh, and check out:

    everyone's at it!

  3. Debs, glad to see the cup looking so handsome on one of your lovely drink mats. I looked for the Kirstie Allsop programmes on channel four but, alas, I am geo-blocked! Found lots of her stuff on youtube, though, and got inspired to get out my fabric stash from England. Have been doing mending jobs, now that I have mum's machine, and replaced the wornout waistbands on two of my beloved pj pants with cute vintage cotton and fresh elastic. So inspired by your blog, lovely, keep it up!!! D