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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My First Post

welcome. you made it here. and so did i...kind of! i have no idea what i am doing on this new fangled technology called a blog but have taken the plunge to start one. i'll only post about once a week to start with and see how i go and if anyone reads it. my loves are my family, cooking (and eating natch!), gardening when my back allows it, charity shop shopping but most of all making things! I love repurposing and reusing and can't stand to see good stuff go to waste.

this week I have been mostly making, well not much to be precise but i do have to make some firelighters for our new adored Chesney's Barrington Wood Burning Stove. my husband loves it more than he loves me, i am sure. he lovingly tends to it all night and constantly checks the temperature. it is lovely though and extremely efficient. just wish i had not done my back in loading up a cubic meter of wood into the log store. i am going to melt some candles and using wick and pine cones make some firelighters for him as i refuse to buy those yukky chemical ones. i will report back when i have something to show for it.

last week i finally finished the kids curtains. am extremely pleased with myself as i followed my sewing teacher's instructions to the letter and they have turned out nicely. fabric is from ikea and covers the boy /girl sharing a room conundrum am going to tackle our room and recover a sofa i got from a charity shop. my hubby hates it but i think with the right covers i could turn him round.

i have been making lots of scrappy patchwork things recently. probably as i have lots of scraps! ha ha ha. as it is Valentine's Day coming up here is a nice lavender heart i made for my mum at xmas. really easy to make; just layout your pieces, sew them onto a backing and then cut to a nice heart shape, stuff with soft ends of fabric/wadding and lavender and hand sew closed. i did do some extra hand stitching too which made me realise how rusty i am at hand stitching.

next up drink mats and book marks... will post some pictures when we get some sun.
this week's haul from the local charity shops has been fruitful (i really must stop though...) Two Madeleine books for O, Quentin Blake's ABC for J and PippiLongstocking (Lauren Child version) for me, spider dressing up outfit, earwarmers for O (she hates all her hats) and a designer dress for me! hurrah and double hurrah and just in time for my birthday (as long as i wear bridget jones pants.) which reminds me, i altered a nicole farhi dress/tunic i came across locally by snipping off the waist tie, and tight arm bands and i think it just needs some of zola's snazzy new buttons on it and it will be transformed. photo's to follow. Oh and i nearly forgot we had a family trip to Gino's cafe on sunday (post swimming O no arm bands - really proud of her) and the whole family found some excellent finds at the magic bins. i just can't tell you what this is, only very close friends know but it's all in the name of recycling!!

hope you have enjoyed my first post

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