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Friday, 25 March 2011

Mostly baking ( is this getting too corny?)

hello and welcome to ninja cat! how very lovely to have another follower. in ninja cat's honor today we made coconut macaroons! how easy! why have i never made them before? how much weight will i gain if i make them on a regular basis... Oh dear. essentially 2 whisked egg whites whipped up with 110g of caster sugar added followed by 130g dessicated coconut and 35g plain flour and a splash of vanilla all mixed in and Bob's your Uncle as they say! 30 minutes later on a cool oven they are golden and ready to drizzle in melted chocolate. Yumalicious!

here are some packed up for sale at the school fair this weekend

also in my kitchen today....flowering for the second time- yes a second time- my lovely Hippeastrum.
some recent-ish purchases from charity shops (getting harder to find mind you!) sugar tongs and 1957 coronation mug (£1 and 50p respectively!) small glass jug and my lovely Coalport china teapot from the 1940's I think. with a husband from Stoke-On-Trent how could I resist!

finally some sewing!
I have made two art cases before for my kids and this one is a gift. very easy to make and i did try to document it. not the best photo's though as i did it a night... doh.
original art cases loosely based on one in Sew Hip Magazine
cut two pieces 15" x 9" one for the inside and one for the outside. Also cut the same size of thin batting/wadding.

Then also cut a smaller piece 15" wide by 5" high. Bind the top edge with a nice contrasting binding.

lay them out like so -wadding then inside material facing up, on top, then inside pocket facing up on the top. pin at sides to keep in place. measure 7.5" and sew all 3 layers straight down the middle. this makes the spine of your art case.

then divide up the laft side evenly ( i did in increments of 1" as I wanted to put chunky crayons in - don't underestimate how much room a pencil needs. if in doubt pop one in and mark around it. the main thing is that they are even) leave the right side as this contains the drawing book/pad etc


now add on your outer layer (the one you will see when the case is closed) by laying it right side down and putting your sewn interior, face up on top. pin and sew binding all around edges with the nice binding you had before for the pocket top. to secure when not in use ( and not loose your lovely pencils, you can either use a button and loop binding, velcro or ribbon ties... its up to you and how dexterous the recipient is! sometimes a button may be too hard for small hands...
Voila finished.
finished art case
sewing basket waiting to be sorted!!!! i'd better go and do it now really. ta ra

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