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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mostly framing

i have 2 followers and some comments - yeah! i am wildly excited about this! i am just back from a 3 year old's party and am exhausted but if i don't get this done now i will really slip behind target of one post a week. which is pretty poor anyway!
as the title says i have been doing some framing. i found the lovely leather slippers that both kids wore as their first shoes; they are are all out of shape where their little toes pointed and prodded the leather as they learnt to walk. as i had a nice plain white Ikea frame to hand i stuffed them with acid free tissue paper and lightly mounted them in the box. i am rather pleased with them - though slightly nostaligic for those baby days....

second framing effort was of a lovely Medici Society print which i found at my fave charity shop. it was rolled up with the gift wrap and i think cost my 10p. one expensive Ikea frame later and a vintage picture rail hook and voila! it doesn't photograph well once framed buy hey am showing off anyway. the best thing was that when i returned to said shop a week later they had a matching letters print so i snapped that up and will get another frame next time i brave Ikea

i have also had a birthday since i last blogged. was spoilt rotten by husband and friends and generally tried to forget how old i am... except that hub and kids made a me a wooden card with my age carved out of it! it is stunning though and i think they had a great time making it. it's not here as it let's you know how old i am - doh! i also got given Kirsty's Homemade Home which is very inspirational a la Kirsty herself and I LOVE IT! thanks Sam!


we also celebrated chinese new year a few weeks back my making lots of dragons from this site via the crafty crow which is ace for kids stuff. we had lots of dragon roaring going on which was great fun (we added tissue paper fire coming out of the dragon's mouth of course!)
his new giraffe trousers

not much sewing has been accomplished due to other projects waiting to be finshed ( more of them next time) but i did finish the Clothkits giraffe trousers and bird skirt for the kids which are both big sizes and will do for next winter. they were much admired at sewing class and taught me how to add an elasticated waist and tie to the front of a skirt or trousers for that extra good fit. i even have some spare material to make a pencil case so will get that done and post soon.

ta ra for now

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