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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mostly Magnets

 i've been in search of the perfect magnet for some time now. you know, not too strong as you can't remove it from the magnet board ever again but not too weak that your beautiful artwork (or the kids' in this case) flutters to the floor everytime you walk by. most magnets are also either incredibly expensive (usually chrome ones) or horribly cheap and covered in a yukky plastic cap. now there is a challenge i say to myself. as those of you that know me, know i like to repurpose the odd item or three, i've found a few goodies recently to transform into the nearly perfect magnet.
paperchase badges

these beauties were reduced in paperchase's winter sale but with two small people in the house badges were of no use to me. HOWEVER with the pin snipped off the back with wirecutters and replaced with strong magnet and glue they do look kinda groovy!

dome stickers
these pretties were 80p for 20 from Hobbycraft. they are plastic with a sticky back and not sure what they were originally meant for but they said "please turn us into magnets" to me. so i obliged

cute brads
 what sweeties. again Hobbycraft and reduced to something silly but this time brads. i think they are used in scrapbooking but look much nicer on display as magnets on your kitchen fridge. well they would do if my fridge were magnetic...

do you have groovy magnets or ideas for some? can you get cheap good magnets anywhere? let me know!

...and finally a post from Chez Beeper Bebe which inspired all this talk of magnets. am loving the super hero magnet set and thinking I may try to do an octonaut set  for J's birthday. Chez Beeper Bebe is a great site and I loved her Dinosaur crayons so much i ordered some from her. the little people loved them almost as much as i did!Photo here ROAR

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