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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mostly Birthdays part 1

Happy Birthday my darling boy!

i made this bean bag as a present and i am really happy with it. j thinks he is keeping it in this picture, little does he know... i made the template from a bag we were given a few years ago but with a cover i didn't want. this is the third one i've made now and if "wretched balls" (polystyrene innards)don't send me mad then i'll be making a another one. this is ikea fabric with some recycled  blind material from WRAP for the base and handle.

the first preserve of the year- yeah! strawberry and rhubarb. truly yummy though a bit soft set.recipe from my trusty WI preserves book and it is a nice combination though i think the edlerflower and strawberry one i made a few years back still rivals it.anyway it was a good excuse to try out my new purchase of the River Cottage Handbook no 3:Bread and to treat the Badger to some scones!

as the weather has been so amazing we have spent alot of time in the garden. i made this tent for o's birthday last year and it has been great to have it outside for some extra shade. i followed a pattern from Cool spaces for Kids which has some fab ideas in it, but managed somehow to add an extra panel which means i have too many tent supports and now i think i need to add some channels on the inside of the tent on each seam to keep these unruly tent posts from getting muddled up. a job waiting to be done....

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