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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mostly Making Cakes

Captain Barnacles - Octonaut Cake

for the last few days i made chocolate cakes for J's birthday, not one, not two but three of them! why you ask. well firstly i had to test one; you just never know and as we have no measurements on our inherited oven i never know what temp i am cooking at. the second one was because the first one was so good and the third was because i panicked that i needed more height on the big Octonaut birthday cake. the recipe - much complimented - thanks guys- is the easiest ever and is from Nigella Lawson's How to Cook. i point you to another blogger who already wrote it all out for me or go buy Nigella's books. they are pretty much failsafe esp when it comes to cakes!
here is the finished Captain Barnacles Cake and i'll soon be making cake number four as Stokie Blokie said he didn't get any -oops. however i am categorically NOT icing another Barnacles cake ever again....

cake no 1

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