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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mostly Outside

those of you not in the UK may not know that we have had a fantastic month of weather. and of course we Brits are slightly weather obsessed. since i planted out all my lovely plants it hasn't rained one drop. typical. we have grafted really hard to get the raised beds up - well Stokie Bloke did and i mainly watched! I did dig and seive all the earth though and added all the compost and have planted out an impressive 26 different fruit and veg plants. this does include two lots of seeds which have not actually come up yet but still I am chuffed with the results so far. the kids have been loving the garden too which is brilliant!

it does mean however that the making pile has grown somewhat while the weather has been so stunning. i do have a few garden based creations to share however some of which i have actually made in the last few weeks!

best peg bag in the world!

this peg bag (clothes pins for americans) was born out of frustration with one I actually bought a few years ago; the sort on a hanger that you hang on the line. I cut up the old one as i liked the fabric and used and old pair of jeans as a bucket style bag. the strap was a lovely cotton webbing length from WRAP (Waford Recycling Arts Project), just perfect. i made the exact length for my hand to reach into easily while it sits on my shoulder. i can get the washing in an out in a flash. important for a domestic goddess such as myself ha ha ha!

upcycled gardening apron

this gardening apron was made a while ago admittedly but was made from a lovely book that Luisa and Edache gave me for my birthdat ( Homemade vintage by Christina Strutt) again from old jeans and some nice cotton ticking... the pocket is the most useful part of it. the photos were taken by o - pretty good for a  four year old! she did tell me by tummy was in the way though...hmm.

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