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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

oh my

i know it's been too long! how do those super efficient bloggers manage it? Your kids get sick, you get sick, then the holidays are here, the sun shines and suddenly the blog work is out of the window. i can only apologize...

i have been doing some things though so here is a quick summary for the faithful few who are still checking the blog.  i should be sewing right now just to make you feel guilty!
we had a royal wedding here; did you hear about it at all?!!!
yes we made crowns, flags, coloured in pictures of Wills and Kate in alarming felt tip colours and generally celebrated all things british. we went to street parties and tea parties, had pretend weddings
i even took photos off the telly (how sad am I!!) above is a piece of my patriotic table cloth that i turned into a tote, hanging on the door of my study. i have enough for one more bag, so one of you may be getting it around your birthday time!!!

i made o a great dress based on a pillowcase dress from two tea rather nice tea towels from - of all places - tescos. she had many compliments so that was lovely! i think i will probably unpick it and keep as tea towels. 

 ah yes it was easter too. seemed to take forever to get here and we were sick with the most hideous virus (involved mouth ulcers- don't ask!) poor j was v bad with it and i nearly cried every time i swallowed... anyway we survived and made easter bonnets and looked for chocolate easter eggs in the garden. they don't grow there sadly; i hid them and then forgot where i hid them...doh

that's all for now - lots more lined up for you good folks soon!

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