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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mostly at a Festival

more of festival larks later but your starter for ten today is an old project that's very useful for new baby presents. not that i know any new babies at present but there have been requests for an updated blog and this is to hand!

red velvet label blanket

pink soft label blanket
do you have a label baby? no I don't mean one who has to have the latest designer togs! I mean one who just loves rubbing ribbons or labels together for comfort. well i do and she has four of these disgustingly expensive one and the rest made by me! so easy to do. take two nice even squares of very soft material (fleece, velvet from her first christmas dress- ah) and lots of different ribbons cut to about approx 4-5 cm. often it's nice if they vary in thickness and length (there will be a favourite rubbing ribbon believe me!) sandwich the ends of the ribbon inbetween your soft squares (wrong sides facing if you are feeling lazy) and turn under a small hem on both sides as you secure the ribbons in place with a pin at the same time. sew all around edge of squares. it will look like you topstitched the ribbons in place. you can also make it with the squares right sides together and turn through a small deliberately left gap in the seam and topstitch aftwards if you are not feeling so lazy. this will be a tougher seam for all the washing of said blanket that will happen over the years....

well since we last blogged together i have been to WRAP with claire and her lovely girls. they had some fabulous bits of fabric which is sitting nicely sorted in a basket in my sewing room! i have two projects with them - will be sharing them shortly i promise! we also made a lion mask - voila!

we went to our first festival en famille over the last weekend. Wychwood Festival in cheltenham. the weather was mostly kind to us and we all had a good time. the kids loved camping and our Fat Airics did a marvelous job!Justin Fletcher you are the business! other highlights were:The Charlatans, The Specials and The Wurzels (yes they were very entertaining!) on the non music side,Korky Paul did a great talk about children's book illustrating (one day i will get to writing and illustrating a book!),  Dorset Cereals were very generously giving away boxes of their cereals - for FREE and Bear Nibbles had lots of fun animal family cards to collect. j kept calling them "no-no's" instead of "yo-yo's" which was very funny for all of us! The Roald Dahl museum were there and there was loads to do for the kids ( making dens, crowns, mosaics, circus skills etc. etc) selected highlights below!
camping it up
obligatory festival flag photo
crowns, tutu and plastic chickens

we love you Justin!

rolling in the mud!

main stage Wychwood

lovely tea bus
watching the Wurzels Ooh Argh
more soon i promise - oh and a big hello to Rhoda!

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