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Monday, 20 June 2011

Mostly Growing

Not a cop out on the making front really because the hard work was done a few months ago. the garden is our main play area and is looking great now that we have had some rain at last (torrential at times!)the veg patch has produced rocket and radishes and now lettuces and strawberries, broad beans and patty pan squash. it is looking really good.
pea flower

new rose called "rachel"

new rose called "young lycidas"

patty pan and strawbs!
 i have been looking for a some new roses for the garden and finally did a sniff test at a local garden centre. they had a good selection and i am really pleased with the ones i got as they smell of that gorgeous old rose scent. i am determined to have a really scented garden and lots of flowers for bees too.  
patty pan flower
These patty pan flowers and fruits are rather lovely. j calls the fruits alien space ships! the kids love picking the veg and few strawberries we have had this year so all the hard work is really worth it. Stokie Bloke has also been very, very hard at work finishing the raised decking area for the kids trampoline and shed to go on. of course we have had constant downpours since the " bounceline" has gone up but it will be well used in the future. O made a lovely mobile, started by Jodie and helped along a bit by me. i hung it up outside which did annoy her a little but it does look better with the sun shining on it.

decking area nearly done!
garden mobile by O

Ok finally onto some making. yes i have been doing a bit here and there. first up - do you remember the sad before picture of the beach windbreak? well here is the after picture. am rather pleased with it. it is ikea fabric from long ago and has a matching and indeed useful carry case. am thinking of a beach bag and other accessories to use up the last of the material.
beach windbreak

 i wanted to take a picture with me carrying it and also with the windbreak up on an actual beach but sadly watford is nowhere near a beach so that will have to wait....

also lots of bunting has been made. one string here in yellow theme. am thinking of setting up an etsy shop to sell my stuff - what do you think? jessica got her own special girly pink one and i have a few more made and waiting to be photographed. blogging and housework definitely don't mix!just burnt the dinner!! 

til next time bloggers!

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