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Monday, 18 July 2011

Mostly Imagination

The Three Belles - Imagine Watford 23rd June 2011
 Yes am a bit behind with blogging, sorry its that end of term thing and with some lovely weather we've been just so busy outside. This amazing street performance was so good I went back a second time with the kids. how cultured and in Watford of all places!

"Seductive and charming, The Three Belles transport the audience into a dreamlike world of period charm and frivolity. Through a whirlwind of dance and movement, they transcend past, present and future as they enchant admirers. This street spectacle is choreographed by Strange Fruit’s Creative Director Phillip Gleeson with Senior Artist Sally Smith.
Australia’s Strange Fruit is a much celebrated performance company that creates and performs a unique style of work for audiences worldwide. Using 5 metre flexible poles, the performers bend and sway to impossible angles, combining elements of theatre, dance and circus to create an original style of performance. Since forming in 1994, Strange Fruit has established itself as one of Australia’s most iconic outdoor theatre companies, having performed at over 450 international festivals and events, in over 50 countries, on 6 continents to well over 5 million people."

you can tell we are nature inspired by these lovely drawings by the kids. O did the snail and J the spider (i did the web for him!)
even my thrifty finds have been very floral!!

can you guess what fruit this is? can ya? i'll leave you guessing til the next post as it's late and I need sleep!

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