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Friday, 8 July 2011

Mostly Self Sufficient!

Yes we are self sufficient in salad leaves - and broad beans though the family is pretty fed up of them now. the peas are just starting but horror of horrors my entire crop of carrots has been eaten by those pesky carrot root flies!!! the discovery was quite traumatic. I tried to save a few carrots for the kids to try but in the end i had to bin them as they were really ruined... grrr oh yes and our first potatoes will be cooked tonight
fresh salad leaves

carrot disaster!

snipping carrot tops off

first potatoes
I have just ordered the splendid Action Pack online magazine for kids from and am very excited. actually all four of them. some freebies from the mag are listed on their site. we have already made some trail mix - with just what i had stashed in the baking cupboard and am eying up the tea issue next. it is really inspiring

trail mix or gorp!

making trail mix

a few blogs back i made some comforter blankets and said i didn't have anyone to make for - shame on me! well to be fair there was a time delay coming all the way from australia. anyway i do now have a little one to make for - welcome Thomas and congrats to Amanda and Andy! I made some burp cloths a la Rae a few weeks back, using the kids old muslins and some cute train fabric which was in a bundle from the lovely Rhoda. I was pleased with the result and added in Mr Snuggles too for good measure. I hope you get them and enjoy them Thomas!

burp cloths with tag - shameless advertising

mr snuggles

My dear friend Annie has just celebrated her birthday and I thought I would make the T Junction cosmetic case from Cath Kidston - which co-incidentally Annie bought for me for xmas! i ummmed and ahhhhed over the colours then thought about recycling a kids book bag for the waterproof liner and my decision was made! i just need to bind the zip seam and it's complete. I will make more of these though i did change the style slightly to accomodate a smaller zip as it is what i had in stock! Annie " happy birthday!

Blue T Junction Bag

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