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Thursday, 4 August 2011

mostly friends

way back at the end of June we spent a lovely weekend at the Dovecote amongst friends. ( it's where the mulberry tree is - mentioned last few posts!) we had amazing weather and 4 families camped out. there was a bit of tent envy going on and  i took bunting along to string along side the may have edged us ahead int he tent stakes though ours is now the oldest tent. It's also the place where we got married so i thought this picture of a cheeky little frog heading towards luisa's engagement ring was rather appropriate. there were tiny frogs everywhere on the grass next to the moat ( that does sound posh!) - i have never seen anything like it!

 i made this dress for O from a size 8 ladies top which had no sleeves. as i am never going to get into a size 8 but the fabric was nice i felt a little customization would do nicely - it was a thrify bargain anyway so not expensive. i think it looks nice although the straps need to be redone as i made them too short and they itched her a bit.

lovely picture of ache and O and finally one  that O took herself and the weasel I think. very artistic!

this is what happens in our living room on  a summers evening - the shadow cast by the candleabra - my photo doesn't do it justice though.
being a librarian and a gardener i agree!
fabulous print can be found here - i may have to treat myself... (no change there then!)

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