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Monday, 1 August 2011

Mostly Making Bags

Hi there! It's been crazy here, end of term and last preschool and finally holidays! Sorry for the long break. I do really hope to post more often, I promise! The two bags below were ones based on the Make Lounge Reversable Tote day I did with the Lovely Zola! They were present's for  O's teachers at school. Mrs W was impressed though when I told her it was vintage Liberty she thought I was alluding to her age - I merely meant that she would appreciate it. The next day she came over to me and said how lovely it was and that her daughter wanted it!! Miss M also liked her's and asked if that was what I wanted to do - Ah yes well in an ideal world.  

Miss M's Bag

This next bag was a redesign of the reversable tote; it's not reversable for a start and it has a handle made from a lovely old wool belt! Shameless gift tag attached though I think I will keep it for myself. The outer fabric was a freebie I think but it took a while to match the pale green inner and much rummaging through the stash (never a bad thing!)i showed it to the sewing class and we all agreed it needs a clasp across the front so will try to sort that out next.

Here's a new purchase the Oliver and S "little things to sew" book. Just lovely and the hat is a pattern from it. very lovely and easy to sew. fabric from who have a great selection of fabric at reasonable prices.

I can't explain the joy i got from finding a FREE bobbin holder at WRAP, i am sad i know. i think it's because i was just about to buy one.... sometimes things just happen that way ( or the other way and then it's a pain!)

I can't  remeber which end of term, leavingdo, summer fair, thingy these lovely yoghurt cakes were for in the end. it was all a blur. I did get the recipe from Nigella - Domestic Goddess - Baby Bundts. Low fat and yummy now there's a turn up! anyway they were all swiftly eaten up so i made them a few times just to make sure they worked again ( don't you hate it when a recipe never works so well the second time.)
 oh yes and it was a Mulberry Tree - did you forget! More of the Holt do and our hols in the next post. which will be this week I promise!

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