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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mostly Shattered

Sandbanks & Poole Harbour

Mostly Shattered!
not really really tired ( although I do seem to be most days) but the dance/performance show "Shattered" by Motionhouse. Click here to see more inc a trailer for the show. Vicky on the Heath and my good self have just returned from this awesome show at the good old Watford Palace Theatre. It was AMAZING! the sheer physically and beauty of the moves was breathtaking. the music was awesome too. even Stokie Bloke is impressed by it! How did Watford get the show which is shoehorned in between performances in Macau and Belgium!!!!???!!*** I wonder if Vicky on the Heath can you 
forgive me for dropping a tampon out of my purse in the middle of the foyer ( it seems quite funny now with a sloe gin in my hand!) 

we have been really busy with a certain girly turning 5 last week!! the week before we spent some time in Poole with the weasel and monkey and got rained off the beach twice!! ( i managed to sneak in a few photo's before we got drowned though - great British weather eh!)

ship ahoy - chain ferry to sandbanks

ah yes back to THAT birthday! i did rather a lot of making for it - 11 party bags recycled from curtains and based on the Oliver and S book Little Things - on previous posts. I french seamed them rather than adding lining and the contrast casing was bargain material from Ikea. i can make them in my sleep now! i also made some wands (not sure how sturdy they are but they were very good to hand out when you play the princess and the pea games in the garden!)

Beetroot and choc cakes - they never knew!

a massive thanks to Stokie Bloke for the frog, fairy godmother carol for the story telling and fairy godmother carissa for the photos. 

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