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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mostly Autumn

Autumn colours are everywhere. this is a sedum in the garden. we have had another stunningly warm sunny day today. the other day i walked back across the heath and noticed a whole load of mushrooms had sprouted. i did try to identify them but sadly could not be happy that they were anything in either of my two mushroom guides so they were left to mother nature rather than eaten. still they did look pretty stunning and i am still alive so a win win situation.
mystery mushrooms

I have also been experimenting with fruit leather as we have had so much this first attempt does taste pretty nice - a tang of sharpness from lemon and elderberries, with sweet from blackberries and crabapples. it may be the most expensive fruit leather ever made though as i started drying it in the oven only to realise it would take the energy to power a small welsh village before it would be ready and instead invested in a dehydrator at a cost of £50. so for one batch i am enjoying every mouthful! the kids like it so that's worth it and i will make some more, no really i will!

blankets awaiting inspiration
 as we have just turned on the  heating for the odd colder night i thought i'd show you my blanket stash. most are pure wool, some are Witney's even and all cost less than £2 each! I was going to add some patchwork covers to them at some point.... probably in time for summer!

finally some tiger photos. the outfit was for ed's stag do but it was made good use of in the greatrex household first for reading the Tiger Who Came To Tea. nb the exhibition of Judith Kerr's work at the Museum of Childhood was great fun (sadly finished in Sept, though you can see more about it here)

GRRRRRR for now

Monday, 24 October 2011

Mostly Always Making

Stokie Bloke has commented that whilst i am bimbling away on this blog he is always bl**dy making! that is true as he's a carpenter and builder extraordinare. i thought i would share some photos of the amazing handwork he has done in the garden this summer. 1 decking with sunken trampoline, 1 yorkstone and brick footpath the entire length of the garden, 1 small shed for my gardening gear,5 raised beds for the veggies, 1 oak fence, 1 oak raised bed, 1 childs size shed reconstructed for kids. as you can see all for us and his poor shed remains a merely a base. you are the best husband!

Mostly Marriage

The Beautiful Couple (photo P.Holt)
We have been sooooo busy round here what with the Holt Grundmann wedding an all! Yes hadn't you noticed the hen pictures in the last post??? Well the stag do ensued - i can't really divulge too much but it was hilarious and very hot!
The wedding was 15th Oct 2011 in Poole. The stunning autumn weather we are having continued and it was a beautiful day. some pics for your delight!

Maid of Honor and Best Man

Northern Blokes

Lisa and the only Hat Wearer - me!

Mr and Mrs Holt with Mr and Mrs Holt
(photo P.Holt)

Crazy Holt Siblings - Sarah and Pete
(photo S. Holt)

Snogsville (photo P.Holt)

 Autumn is here despite the gorgeous warm weather and we made some nice autumn laminated pictures one night after school. i did manage to break the laminator in the process but lucky for me Stokie Bloke fixed after he walked in the door from work. he was probably cursing his bad timing!

Family Greatrex attended the First London Renegade Craft Fair a few weeks back. It was fun though hot and maybe not so productive with both kids in tow. Still O and I made a very nice corsage courtesy of Craft Central, which was also free. we like that!

Stokie Bloke made and delivered Mr Trijbits for a customer and made an O and J out of MDF too. they are awaiting painting in our hallway. not sure what we are going to do with them next though. suggestions please!
The latest Action pack from Whip Up has this nice nature journal project in it - free to download here!

enjoy autumn. more soon...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mostly Foraging

gorgeous quinces from the cotswolds
blackberry trip
Autumn is well and truly upon us. We've had stunning late summer weather and been collecting fruit like nobody's business. to add the icing to the cake Alys Fowlers new book The Thrifty Forager came out and was fairly instantly purchased. whilst i am not quite as mad for wild greens as Alys, I do love her inspirational books and have loved reading this book along with the River Cottage Hedgerows book by the very witty John Wright.

we've  picked our sloes already and popped them in the freezer. they are juicy and abundant this year. Also managed to find lots of hazel or cob nuts - some are empty but some are not and delicious. am trying to keep them for christmas treats but that may be hard...

its also been a really busy month as the hen and stag do's have taken place in advance of the holt - grundmann nuptuals in october. the hen do was fabulous. apart from a whole weekend away from the kids (you need one everyone now and again!) the weather, company and location were all great. the organisers excelled themselves and whats more we made cocktails, designed t-shirts and decorated pants! lots of craft and drink ensued. Luisa gamely drank our homemade cocktails and pronounced our version of a tom collins with crabapples instead of raspberries "delicious". I never thought we'd use a whole jar of the stuff and that a bona fide Riverford Chef would be the mixologist but there you are! sadly i forgot to take a photo of the pants but i designed a little lucky pants purse to stash a spare pair in - in case you get caught short of course! it was obvious i had made them so i lost that round of the drinking game.

view from our lodge at sunset

canoes at cotswold water park- hen venue

sophisticated crabapple collins

scary glow in the dark cocktail by Carissa

Weasel gamely trying all the cocktails

the wiser amongst us moved to champagne

kids and apple juice
  on a less alcoholic note we've drunk lots of fresh apple juice - courtesy of my parents lovely eating apple - i think a james grieve though it's never been formally identified. i do know it makes fine juice of the less alcoholic type!!