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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mostly Autumn

Autumn colours are everywhere. this is a sedum in the garden. we have had another stunningly warm sunny day today. the other day i walked back across the heath and noticed a whole load of mushrooms had sprouted. i did try to identify them but sadly could not be happy that they were anything in either of my two mushroom guides so they were left to mother nature rather than eaten. still they did look pretty stunning and i am still alive so a win win situation.
mystery mushrooms

I have also been experimenting with fruit leather as we have had so much this first attempt does taste pretty nice - a tang of sharpness from lemon and elderberries, with sweet from blackberries and crabapples. it may be the most expensive fruit leather ever made though as i started drying it in the oven only to realise it would take the energy to power a small welsh village before it would be ready and instead invested in a dehydrator at a cost of £50. so for one batch i am enjoying every mouthful! the kids like it so that's worth it and i will make some more, no really i will!

blankets awaiting inspiration
 as we have just turned on the  heating for the odd colder night i thought i'd show you my blanket stash. most are pure wool, some are Witney's even and all cost less than £2 each! I was going to add some patchwork covers to them at some point.... probably in time for summer!

finally some tiger photos. the outfit was for ed's stag do but it was made good use of in the greatrex household first for reading the Tiger Who Came To Tea. nb the exhibition of Judith Kerr's work at the Museum of Childhood was great fun (sadly finished in Sept, though you can see more about it here)

GRRRRRR for now

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