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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mostly Origami

Xmas origami star
Its that time of year again when Yumiko and her friends at St.Peter's church create some wonderful origami cards for us to make. Sam and I look forward to these events with great glee and try to rack up as many cards as we can so that we can remember how to make them in future. this tactic invariably fails but we do come home with a good stash of cards,even if we cannot remember how we made them!
xmas origami tree

2nd xmas origami tree

Olivias Birthday card by Yuko
Clever Aunty Yuko make this stunning birthday card for O and we just had to frame it. not the best photo but you get the drift. Her recommended website is It's very cool!
Enjoy Origami friends!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mostly Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night

i know i know i am a little bit behind!

It is the season for celebrating lights afterall. we made these lovely lanterns inspired by crafty crow's blog post and link from Imagine Childhood. they were beautiful and travelled to cambridge after we had used them at home for our fireworks night.

 leaf lanterns 1

leaf lanterns 2

leaf lanterns 3

leaf lanterns 4

we had a surfeit of pumpkins this year what with some small school ones and then a visit to Willows Farm where I carried two of the heaviest pumpkins you've ever seen around for half the afternoon. one instantly rotted but the other is still going. O and stokie bloke did the design and carving respectively and i roasted the seeds.
happy pumpkin

this would make a nice hat!

o quality checks dads work

wooden j proves a useful halloween decoration

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkins Seeds - the best bit of halloween!

Wash and pat dry your extracted pumpkin seeds. they do not look promising at this stage. drizzle the following ingredients over them in a large baking tray:
soy sauce
smoked paprika ( or cumin if you prefer)
chilli flakes
lots of salt and pepper - don't stint!

roast in a hot oven til you hear the seeds popping. if they are still chewy ( and not very nice) they are not done. they should be crispy and very very moreish. this jar didn't last long at the dovecote autumn festival i can assure you!

stressful toffee apples

do you see how it all just blobs on the baking sheet grrrr
Toffee apples made with a kit. i won't try this again - the combination of whining kids, hot burning toffee and hundreds and thousands going over the kitchen nearly did me in. most of the kids didn't eat them at our family fireworks party in the garden, either as the toffee and apple combination was too difficult to eat! there is one languishing in the fridge still...However i did have a quantity left over of the toffee mix which i added flour too and nice dried fruit and baked as florentines. these await chocolate covering and a photo... the bits i tasted were much better than the wretched toffee apples. never again.

Some photos from the Dovecote - our goodbye party to ed and lu. It was a lovely afternoon/evening.

my firework photos need work

Peter releases a lantern

ed's great fire

kinda arty bonfire smoke pic by small child

ache dispatches the guy

its mulled wine in the that mug not Bovril!
enjoy panama you guys!

P.S. Hi to molly and glad the cake turned out ok! my one doesn't look like my mums so maybe yours does!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Mostly material

Zoffany Geranium Fabric
  After the Moth man visited I decided i really needed to sort the material stash out. i certainly didn't want any pesky moths getting their chops into it. of course as soon as he came to take a look the moths all vanished- i've ony found one since - to my great relief. either i panicked over a few moths or they are happily munching away on my silk curtains and wool blankets -grrr. the above material is Zoffany geranium at about £100 a meter, happily found at WRAP. I have used most of it and even very small scraps.however a small scrap found its way into the preschool craft bag donation and I had to laugh when i saw a Barbie had been dressed in it! whoever wrapped barbie up a rather nice dress (sealed with selotape!) must have great things ahead as a fabric designer if they can pick the good stuff out aged 4!

Wrap Goodies
A small stash above from WRAP. I was mainly looking for tweed to make some more bags see below but some purple felt snuck in - how did that happen!!

Free Dress
Above is a still not quite finished dress. the fabric i think is silk and i love the cantering deer across it! the material was free and the pattern was free from sewing class. what's not to love??  when i get it hemmed i will get a shot of me wearing it! I made another in plain black wool which is functional though not a nice as this one.

Tweed Scarf Bag

Tweed Scarf Bag close up!
 Here is the bag i mentioned above. i am extremely happy with it. it is from a pattern in Cloth Magazine. Much the best of the bunch right now. it's easy and very effective. the wool tweed was a remnant from a North Wales Woollen Mill we visited on holiday 2 years ago. the lining is kinda hard to see but is a nice colourful cotton sateen type material with stripes from the old Sewfine shop before it shut. ie i was actually using up my stash!! hurrah. I have loads more to make with different combinations and the added bonus is that you can use a scarf or tie or belt for the handle and even make it interchangable.
Cloth Magazine can be found here.

Wedding Bag
This bag, also made using with stash material was made using Making Magaizine's Vintage edition pattern. I had an old buckle perfect for it and picked out the broach for less than £5 in the local charity shop. the pashmina dictated the colourscheme and all in all I was very pleased with it. whilst i like Making mag because it covers lots of craft areas it seems to have gone a bit downmarket recently so i won't renew my subscription to it. Making Magazine can be found here.

Charity shop outfit
  Yep a denim skirt, grey Kew top, silk scarf, funky silver bag and semi precious stone necklace with vintage tie all in one shopping trip! Heaven

Thrifty Haberdashery
Lots of lace and embroidery, buttons and silk and even the bag to carry it all in. saw some nice bunting made from lace and hankies which inspired this lot. nothing more than £1...