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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mostly Halloween & Guy Fawkes Night

i know i know i am a little bit behind!

It is the season for celebrating lights afterall. we made these lovely lanterns inspired by crafty crow's blog post and link from Imagine Childhood. they were beautiful and travelled to cambridge after we had used them at home for our fireworks night.

 leaf lanterns 1

leaf lanterns 2

leaf lanterns 3

leaf lanterns 4

we had a surfeit of pumpkins this year what with some small school ones and then a visit to Willows Farm where I carried two of the heaviest pumpkins you've ever seen around for half the afternoon. one instantly rotted but the other is still going. O and stokie bloke did the design and carving respectively and i roasted the seeds.
happy pumpkin

this would make a nice hat!

o quality checks dads work

wooden j proves a useful halloween decoration

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkins Seeds - the best bit of halloween!

Wash and pat dry your extracted pumpkin seeds. they do not look promising at this stage. drizzle the following ingredients over them in a large baking tray:
soy sauce
smoked paprika ( or cumin if you prefer)
chilli flakes
lots of salt and pepper - don't stint!

roast in a hot oven til you hear the seeds popping. if they are still chewy ( and not very nice) they are not done. they should be crispy and very very moreish. this jar didn't last long at the dovecote autumn festival i can assure you!

stressful toffee apples

do you see how it all just blobs on the baking sheet grrrr
Toffee apples made with a kit. i won't try this again - the combination of whining kids, hot burning toffee and hundreds and thousands going over the kitchen nearly did me in. most of the kids didn't eat them at our family fireworks party in the garden, either as the toffee and apple combination was too difficult to eat! there is one languishing in the fridge still...However i did have a quantity left over of the toffee mix which i added flour too and nice dried fruit and baked as florentines. these await chocolate covering and a photo... the bits i tasted were much better than the wretched toffee apples. never again.

Some photos from the Dovecote - our goodbye party to ed and lu. It was a lovely afternoon/evening.

my firework photos need work

Peter releases a lantern

ed's great fire

kinda arty bonfire smoke pic by small child

ache dispatches the guy

its mulled wine in the that mug not Bovril!
enjoy panama you guys!

P.S. Hi to molly and glad the cake turned out ok! my one doesn't look like my mums so maybe yours does!

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