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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Having just been introduced to the joys of JibJab by Zola via an elfyourself christmas e-card I thought a review of 2011 was in order. click here to play!.
Happy New Year

Friday, 30 December 2011

Mostly 2011

Here's a quick summary of 2011 on the eve of the New Year!
It’s been another lovely year at our new house. We’ve had a wonderful hot and sunny Spring and Summer working on our garden landscaping project (sheds’ paths, trampoline and decking) and our veg patch was fantastic in it’s first year. We had some great crops of peas and beans and beetroot, rocket and courgettes and strawberries were still ripening in October! The children have loved being outside and playing in their old shed rescued from our old house. Project giant shed is getting along nicely with a roof and nearly a door so Stokie Bloke can feel nice and cosy in there!

We had a super break in the Lake District in the summer, fantastic weather and wonderful house to stay in. We were in Elterwater and the views were amazing. We had some great days out on Coniston  and at Beatrix Potter’s house, Hilltop. We also did our first Festival with the kids at Wychwood in Cheltenham.We've just booked again for 2012 as James are headlining on the Saturday night - hurrah! We had a great time making stuff and listening to the Wurzels and the kids are bending my ear about the next one already - ony 5 months away. 
I am looking forward to mastering crochet (ha ha) and reducing my stash a bit more and setting up an etsy shop when I get the time. I have also just done my first craft fair for “Mostly-Making” which was fun but hard work. Stokie Bloke surpassed himself with the Chrissy pres and I am off to River Cottage for a course around about easter. I am seriously excited about it! Next year is the year of the house when we can reclaim the front room and redecorate the infamous
purple room!


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mostly Dinsosaurs and Christmas Trees

Yes a typical sunday in December really! The weather was a bit dull last weekend so the dinosaurs came out to play. they got everywhere but mainly enjoyed the dino swamp - aka playdough and the dino forest outside. some of them are still braving the minus 1 at night and living out there. maybe that's why they became extinct!!!!

 Oh oh the three wise monkeys. or just the three monkeys!! we went to choose our christmas tree and have it cut down. stokie bloke offered to wield the saw but the gent in charge declined muttering about health and safety!!! whatever that is?

 we forgot a ribbon to tie around the tree (you forget which one you chose otherwise) so a scarf was commandeered. and a small child told to wait by it for double effectiveness! then we got it home, watered it and in time honoured fashion the kids decorated it and i moved everything around as they did so!! voila Christmas is on the way!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mostly night owls

Above is the sign i made for the school xmas shopping night. it took a ridiculous amount of time to make but i did enjoy designing it. it may become my new header - maybe. am enjoying not making anything for a few nights now and writing my xmas cards at last!

try this out- a free - yes free calendar with lovely graphics you can make out some of you may be getting one for xmas! oh and my first attempt at "grabbing a button" ie html code for this nice little graphic below.

Owl Lover 2012 Calendar

Stall with Stu
Scarf bags

Pencil and crayon rolls

sewn xmas cards

toys bags with wooden toys were popular

woollen blanket stockings

A few photos of the School Shopping night and my crazy stall. It was good fun and went all too quickly. I did sell a few things and had nice feedback which was a boost.Thanks to Vicky on the Heath and hub Stu for their help and all of you who bought something. I hope you enjoy your purchases!