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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mostly Dinsosaurs and Christmas Trees

Yes a typical sunday in December really! The weather was a bit dull last weekend so the dinosaurs came out to play. they got everywhere but mainly enjoyed the dino swamp - aka playdough and the dino forest outside. some of them are still braving the minus 1 at night and living out there. maybe that's why they became extinct!!!!

 Oh oh the three wise monkeys. or just the three monkeys!! we went to choose our christmas tree and have it cut down. stokie bloke offered to wield the saw but the gent in charge declined muttering about health and safety!!! whatever that is?

 we forgot a ribbon to tie around the tree (you forget which one you chose otherwise) so a scarf was commandeered. and a small child told to wait by it for double effectiveness! then we got it home, watered it and in time honoured fashion the kids decorated it and i moved everything around as they did so!! voila Christmas is on the way!

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