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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mostly night owls

Above is the sign i made for the school xmas shopping night. it took a ridiculous amount of time to make but i did enjoy designing it. it may become my new header - maybe. am enjoying not making anything for a few nights now and writing my xmas cards at last!

try this out- a free - yes free calendar with lovely graphics you can make out some of you may be getting one for xmas! oh and my first attempt at "grabbing a button" ie html code for this nice little graphic below.

Owl Lover 2012 Calendar

Stall with Stu
Scarf bags

Pencil and crayon rolls

sewn xmas cards

toys bags with wooden toys were popular

woollen blanket stockings

A few photos of the School Shopping night and my crazy stall. It was good fun and went all too quickly. I did sell a few things and had nice feedback which was a boost.Thanks to Vicky on the Heath and hub Stu for their help and all of you who bought something. I hope you enjoy your purchases!

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