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Friday, 21 December 2012

Mostly paper

We have been crafting away here and have made our own printed star wrapping paper and i did a lino cut workshop and printed some cards and gift tags. I loved how the black snowflakes came out.

For some more paper inspiration Check out How About Orange and this site for free xmas printables.

I made some sweet paper roses and they were very effective.

J went mad with xmas cards

O made super snowflakes....
....and we all made baubles and snowflakes for the front window.
Another friend inspired us to have a crafty afternoon with the kids and we made some lovely decorated xmas trees. Thanks sharon and ollie!
The kids have made lovely things at school. Calendars for the class bird, a great card and shoebox nativity with ascending and descending angel!
Finally If you have never seen Jacqui Lawson advent calendar on the pc check it out, its wonderful and a new family tradition. Thanks annie for buying it for us this year!

Am off to print out paper gingerbread houses, make mince pies and buy a turkey! Wish me luck.


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Mostly christmas baking

I did the post a few days ago and lost it! So here it is again...

Marshmallow snowmen. Three marshmallows on a stick then covered in white candy melts. I used liquorice for eyes and butterscotch blobs for buttons. I had to buy some back at the school fair though... Tat wasn't the idea!

Three minute fudge has been my favourite idea. Chocolate,condensed milk ( am i single handedly eating the nations supplies of the stuff?) and flavourings such as nuts or raisins or dried cranberries or butterscotch blobs. Melt for 3 to 6 mins in your microwave until really boiling then pour into a lined 9"by 9" tin and fridge to set. Try not to eat all at once!


Quinces in brandy , not sure about these but will feed the xmas cake with it, rather than drink it. The crabapple vodka was amazing by the way.

Ground chestnuts made by my fair hand and ready to through into crumbles, cakes and christmas stuffing. Have frozen it now as it doesn't keep in the jar at all!

Must go and see how the gingerbread are cooling down.


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mostly festive spirit


I have been christmas decorating with a vengence though i will probably rue it when i have to pack it all away again in January! here’s the front room mantelpiece. nov dec 2012 020

the advent candles are held in coloured foil cup case wrappers to stop the wax going everywhere, or you could also use some old glasses with foil in the bottom. the shapes on the twigs (foraged from the allotment) were made with air-drying clay and making with letter stamps and felt tip pen ends (which look like snowflakes) and were hugely successful. I think they were inspired by last years Prima Christmas magazine – very good source of inspiration. the bottles were found on a walk last year and were decorated with coloured paper, lace, beads and found objects. I rather like those. the plant holder on the left should have narcissi in it. ahem note to self must go get some! the bells on the twigs were a charity shop find last year in Howarth on our girls weekend away. the small liqueur glasses thrifted (saw some more lovely ones today if anyone is after some…?) also added this beautiful pink glass vase. i have also made some paper roses but they don’t show up here so will add those later. i found them on a brilliant paper blog which i now cannot remember – doh note to self start using Pinterest!!!

nov dec 2012 044

nov dec 2012 022

nov dec 2012 021

I have also found a few hundred jiffy bags stashed away while i was clearing the purple room so i decided to recover them. there are loads of these envelope recycling ideas on the web. I just placed by envelope with flap up onto some nice thick paper (wallpaper is excellent) and then measure around it a few mm over. cut the flap off and measure another piece which is shorter.

nov dec 2012 017

sandwich the jiffy bag between the two outer paper covers and hold in place with bulldog clips. sew around the edge with about 5mm seam. Add some double sided tape to the longer flap so you can secure when you want to post it. et Voila as they say..

nov dec 2012 019

deirdre you are the first recipient ( though yours is slightly different!) have a wonderful birthday my dear!!!

Mostly outdoors

inbetween the torrential rain we have had a few glorious days of sun and frost. here’s some recent pictures before i start on the festive posts.

nov dec 2012 002 nov dec 2012 004
nov dec 2012 010 nov dec 2012 003
nov dec 2012 007 nov dec 2012 006

a fabulous hoar frost which lasted about 2 days in the end. the spiders webs were our favourite though the holly is pretty festive too!

Our very local nature reserve has had a revamp and a sculpture trail added and will definitely amongst our new “walkies” areas in the New Year. I also discovered Instagram at the same time and even managed to upload a picture to facebook from it totally by accident. its amazing that i get better phone reception in the middle of the woods than in the house but there you are…

Copy of nov dec 2012 027 Copy of nov dec 2012 032
nov dec 2012 029 nov dec 2012 038
nov dec 2012 039 nov dec 2012 035

It’s a really lovely area and there is still more to discover there.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mostly front room makeover

since may i have reclaimed our lovely front room from storage for the shed to kids playroom. here’s some pics. i re- upholstered the ercol style sofa myself at my sewing classes and over many months it seemed at the time. however i am rather pleased with the result although quite protective of my sofa and get a bit annoyed when kids bounce on it. its not a bouncy sofa but a nice sitting quietly one!

Jul Aug 2012 010

note the crazy giraffe with lampshade on his head. not sure where i was going with one!

Jul Aug 2012 011

Jul Aug 2012 013

the kids love it which is the main thing and we spend alot of time sitting at the table in the window making things by natural light! this weekend gone it was snowflake and bauble decorations for the window itself. more in the next post which will at least be a bit christmassy!

Mostly Summer Recap no 2


as we head into the mad season of christmas, i thought it was time to look back again at some summer memories. hope these sunny shots warm you on a cold day.

Jul Aug 2012 029  Jul Aug 2012 032  
Jul Aug 2012 030 Jul Aug 2012 031  

Olympic torch relay in Harrow with Claire and lovely girls!

Jul Aug 2012 025

Jul Aug 2012 129

Then at the paralympics with O, J and Grandma on O’s 6th birthday

Jul Aug 2012 132 Jul Aug 2012 134 Jul Aug 2012 133
Jul Aug 2012 143 Jul Aug 2012 145 Jul Aug 2012 128
Jul Aug 2012 138 Jul Aug 2012 139 Jul Aug 2012 142