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Monday, 30 January 2012

mostly resolutions

Ah yes January time of year for lists, organizing and alot of strong will. I am good on items one and two but no so good on number three!!! Here are some things from blogland to help me out.

A New Years Resolution list for the kids (well if I have to so do they!) O was generally more interested in it than J and the things from last year was much easier than goals (what do you mean mummy football "goals"?)Still it's quite lovely to think that your greatest lesson learned in 2011 was lerning to slide down the fireman's pole (j's) and that O wants to learn to play the piano.

Lovely thank you cards from Allsorts which we used for our xmas thank yous (wish i could find where i put them though!!!!) and also the xmas to do list elf style.

Here are some lists for me. I liked the ones with 1-5 on better than the longer 1-30 ones. more achievable all round don't you think???

my 5 goals are:

eat less wheat (continuation from end of last year)
finish things
improve home/personal styling
learn to crochet
set up an etsy shop

random but attainable i think!it's not deep and philosophical stuff just straightforward doing stuff

below are some lovely friends & family we saw over xmas

carol and carissa duet on the keyboard

too hottie and J with lego snowboarder

coldest zoo day out ever with andy and manda

Thursday, 19 January 2012

T Shirt Transfers

it seems amazing but i've never discovered the joy of transfer prints before, well before now! i picked up this cute pack of Sukie iron on transfers in Oxfam of all places (they are selling new craft type stuff in larger stores) and decided to finally have a go. there was no stopping us! see the results below. j was alot happier than he looks - we did three of his t-shirts- boys stuff is so boring. o was happy to wear a "really boring" h&m t shirt once it was decorated and we did consider adding cute little forest animals to all of Stokie Blokes work t-shirts.

 Next up a thirfty find turned present. I found this wonderful linen tool wrap at WRAP! it was maybe for paintbrushes or who knows what but as i needed a carry case for some nice silver plate teaspoons and cake forks for Zola it did the trick brilliantly! she in turn got me vintage norwegian china - great minds!! will post pics of that soon.

 Lovely lovely pencils from WRAP. Stockmar and Koh-i-nor Hardmuth Tricolor, german and czech companies and favoured by the waldorf/steiner schooling methods. i have to say the colours are superb and the kids love them.o 's sprout drawing to show you.

J and i had a pirate day. boat, flag and anchor quickly improvised by me - based on j's idea for the empty box. he loved dressing up and the parrot enjoyed it too! avast me hearties its time to set sail. see you soon.

Monday, 9 January 2012

mostly Christmas crafts

it's not christmas anymore i know but as i had no time to blog over xmas (due to obligatory kids illnesses and far too much cooking and eating) here's some nice things we made which i didn't get time to show you!First up a gingerbread fest! we decorated an ikea base house and with as many sweets as possible and then stuck it all together with caramel!it had an interesting slant to it - which i think added to the fairytale cuteness of it. I did seem to eat most of it mind you....
gingerbread house

I also made some really nice gingerbread and the kids cut out shapes with my mum and then decorated them with me. an all round team effort! here's the recipe curtesy of tesco. I think the cocoa addition is rather nice. well i would wouldn't i!!

Choc Gingerbread biscuits
100g butter
175g soft brown sugar
75g golden syrup
1 tsp bicarb
350g plain flour
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 large egg lightly beaten
1 tsp ground ginger
put butter sugar and syrup in a pan and heat til sugar is dissolved. remove from heat and stir in bicarb.  mix dry ingredients sitr in and add egg til mix forms a soft ball.  chill for about 1 hour in the fridge (any longer and its too hard to roll out!) cut dough in half and roll out each piece to about 5mm deep and cut out shapes. bake in  a gas 5 190 deg oven for 10-12 mins ( line your baking sheet) then cool. decorate in free and abandoned style!
homemade gingerbread tree

the full gingerbread selection

christmas gingerbread dove

I quite like twiggy trees, I always used to have one at our old house. the winter sun on it at about 11am in the kitchen was the highlight of my day!

twiggy christmas tree

 On an  outing to a local craft fair i picked up these trees for a pound each!! i gave our favourite children a christmas decoration each this year and these knitted ones are on the make list for next year. the ones below were the ones i made this year from some scraps. the kids chose a colour of ribbon each when we went to Maculloch and Wallis's shop in central london - Heaven!

scrappy trees

Other more grown up presents included blackberry brandy and caramel vodka (hey no scratch that I think i drank it myself!) i will heed vicky on the heath and make much more blakberry brandy next year. its yummy! add blackberries and sugar to brandy,shake alot and try to keep for about 2-3 months before straining off the blackberries. some of us found this harder to do than others!! i just spotted a way to make vanilla essence by steeping vanilla pods in vodka for as long as you can - that is next on the list!

homemade christmas booze- nice bottles shame about the labels!!!
I made lots of corsages to give away as kits or complete. I used old badges for the backings as they were easy to stick on. below them here's the one i gave zola in the summer - not sure it ever made it onto the blog before. lots of layers work best on these and i enjoy getting the colours just right.