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Monday, 30 January 2012

mostly resolutions

Ah yes January time of year for lists, organizing and alot of strong will. I am good on items one and two but no so good on number three!!! Here are some things from blogland to help me out.

A New Years Resolution list for the kids (well if I have to so do they!) O was generally more interested in it than J and the things from last year was much easier than goals (what do you mean mummy football "goals"?)Still it's quite lovely to think that your greatest lesson learned in 2011 was lerning to slide down the fireman's pole (j's) and that O wants to learn to play the piano.

Lovely thank you cards from Allsorts which we used for our xmas thank yous (wish i could find where i put them though!!!!) and also the xmas to do list elf style.

Here are some lists for me. I liked the ones with 1-5 on better than the longer 1-30 ones. more achievable all round don't you think???

my 5 goals are:

eat less wheat (continuation from end of last year)
finish things
improve home/personal styling
learn to crochet
set up an etsy shop

random but attainable i think!it's not deep and philosophical stuff just straightforward doing stuff

below are some lovely friends & family we saw over xmas

carol and carissa duet on the keyboard

too hottie and J with lego snowboarder

coldest zoo day out ever with andy and manda

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