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Thursday, 2 February 2012

mostly brontes and bootees

clare's pic of the gang
our annual pilgrimage to Howarth and Fi and Pete's. Some vintage shopping in the Howarth High Street, great pub grub, walks and constant talking. boy i am exhausted! Rose & Co Apothecary was popular as usual and I managed to knit a pair of bootees for Sarah O's baby (due soon) on the way there and back on the train.thanks for a great time, music reviews, book recommendations and website ideas girls!!

bootees from pattern at things for boys
The pattern is at Thingsforboys and once i'd got my mum to figure it out for me (ie translate from american) they were quick and fun to knit.  will need a large pair myself as it's dropped to minus figures this week (at night and in the day) and we are really enjoying the stove! We even went out foraging for extra kindling for it and got some great birch logs. agh now i am getting obsessed with wood too!   speaking of fires, we have had several impromptu garden bonfires BEFORE the cold snap. pics of kids below who loved it and trying their first toasty marshmallows. stay warm.x

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  1. the booties turned out great Deborah! And the toasted marshmallows are making my tummy rumble :)