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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mostly Love!

jan2012 011
for any of you that didn't notice it was valentines day this week. it's all got a bit ott and commercial these days but it was a good excuse to hang heart shaped craft objects on our Christmas Twigs in the kitchen.
Vintage button heart made by threading wire through button holes. hama beads courtesy of O, origami heart by Aunty Yuko and some simple fabric and ribbon hearts by me.
jan2012 014 jan2012 015 jan2012 012
ed lus Nz3ed lus Nz4
These funny pair were the only two missing from impromptu drinks this valentines day in London. Scottie Too Hotty and Seany Fitzo made it from many miles away but these two are still slumming it around NZ! We did enjoy speaking on skype though! All our love to you to LOVEBIRDS!

Snowjan2012 053
A rather lovely seat cushion i made for the kids room the week before and LOOK: a heart cushion. see there is a theme!!
white pompoms recycled and a bit fiddly to sew on but totally worth it. the fabric is Ikea's Annamoa range which i have been wanting to use for ages. easy peasy envelope opening on the back and there you go. so keen to take photos that didn't even iron it - oops.

Snowjan2012 058
Snowjan2012 062
 next time sheds and crochet!

Big thanks to Deirdre for my lovely lace parcel - so gorgeous!

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