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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mostly Freezing!

Snowjan2012 039 Snowjan2012 035
Snowjan2012 045 Snowjan2012 050
Snowjan2012 071 Snowjan2012 049
Snowjan2012 040  Snowjan2012 042
Snowjan2012 076 Snowjan2012 069
Snowjan2012 070 Snowjan2012 037
well hello! this is a test using Windows Live Writer to try to add tables of photos and generally speed up the blogging experience! As you can see we have had a week of Arctic weather here in Blightly. Minus figures at night and day and plenty of great snow for snowmen and sledging! However this week coming is the great melt (and half term) so all will be back to normality.
Snowjan2012 012 Snowjan2012 008
Snowjan2012 006 Snowjan2012 007
These rather greener pictures were taken the week before the snow when it was just freezing and are of my new allotment patch! I am insanely excited about it but have promised Stokie Bloke I won’t spend all my time there or abandon his lovely raised beds at home. It was worked last summer believe it or not and has lots of raspberries and a ginormous rosmary bush along with tin bath, compost heap and wonky leaking shed! Bliss. I am planning what to plant there now and have ordered some lovely seeds from the Real Seed Company to start me off. Roll on Spring!


  1. Cor blimey is huge! Looking forward to hearing all about it on Saturday x

  2. Looks like a fun time! LOVE the snowman. Thanks for the kind words on my blog - made my day.