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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

mostly books

just a very very quick post. i just my alphabet glue mag online and now notice they have 25% off any issue til friday. for the bibliophile like me its very lovely. i will have to look up alot of the books on the reading lists, as they are mostly american but the bookmaking projects are very fun too. link is here

i have been reading lots of gardening books and then ignoring all their advice and planting stuff anyway. I also started Lee Raven: Boy Thief by Zizou Corder whose Lionboy series was rather good. next i want to try the Hunger Games. the cildren are enjoyed Laurence Anholts Silly Stories (Shampoozel is my favourite so far i have to say. )I also am enjoying the inspiration of Jamie Oliver Cooking Mag and the lovely book Sarah Badger gave me for my birthday " Lovely things for girls of slender means". I may no longer be a girl but the projects are really good fun. we had a lovely time visiting the Holts in Cambo this weekend. weather has been beautiful and sunny though our poor plants could do with a  little rain. we have hosepipe ban imminent. yes it's true.

here's an old project jsut to show you. J's blanket appliqued with rockets made from old baby gro's !! i even hand sewed silver thread around each rocket and star for extra outer spacey effect.
bedroom project update next time. i promise.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Springtime Shedage

my posts always start with the weather and so it must be true that we Brits are obsessed with the weather. at least i do enjoy a good natter about how warm or cold it is and if there will be a frost or not. partly the gardener in me and partly deciding what to wear on the daily walk to and from school. i digress. weather has been super over the last few weeks, glorious sunny days and lots of clear blue skies. Stokie Bloke has done loads on the shed, hence a new word "shedage" of his own inventing. a short montage of that will follow especially for Edache to see what he has been up to.  my mum is planning her granny flat in there as we speak. he’s made it look too nice inside you see…
feb2012 033 feb2012 035
feb2012 032 feb2012 039
also featuring the badger mug as i have managed to break his prize man u mug which was about 20 years old. oh dear i am in the bad books though i did help a tiny bit with insulation and plaster mixing to make up for it a bit.
march 2012 009 march 2012 012
march 2012 011 march 2012 013
even the kids helped paint the walls in “whagnolia” Stokie Bloke’s white magnolia combo mixture. finished paint pics to follow next time.

march 2012 021
springtime is here!

feb2012 040
garden in spring sun

the veg patch is awaiting this years crops. and speaking of veg i have planted some Jerusalem artichokes and Globe artichokes at the allotment and also been donated some rhubarb from my uncle. the peas are sprouting everywhere and the pototoes will go in next week or two. lots more digging needed there and a small roof repair. i also have a pack of asparagus crowns on order to plant up so i had better get their space ready next of all. so much to do!
feb2012 005
dodgy shelves in allotment shed

i have managed to get some making stuff done – no i haven’t forgotten the title of the blog! our bedroom is getting a makeover – not done since we moved in 2 years ago. now new curtains are underway and i am plucking up enough courage to recover the lampshade too. the bedside tables are painted and the bed is next in line for a revamp. watch this space.
I have finally finished the frame of the lovely picture Zola gave the kids for their christening – Mrs Eliot Books is the lady who made the pictures which are super. I think the kids room is finally done now! hurrah.

feb2012 003 feb2012 004
and finally a new bag – from Amanda Blake Soule’s Homemade Home, Mamas Bag. I think I still got the dimensions wrong but i had the fabric – vintage curtains which did not sell on ebay and decided the leather straps looked rather super. what do you think?
march 2012 002 march 2012 003 march 2012 007
off to watch Inspector Montalbano now and contemplate that lampshade.
scrap that last one - just had a super catch up with the weasel!!!
here's a photo for you love to counterbalance all the shed stuff!

the gangs all here - well almost!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mostly My Birthday

hello all. again sorry for the delay in posting, two sick kids have limited my time since I started thinking about a birthday blog. so it was a few weeks ago, but i was spoilt rotten and had some lovely presents and gifts. My mum and dad had the kids for the weekend, I helped Stokie Bloke put up the rockwool insulation in the shed ( nice!!!)  and i planted a few trees.
Annie bought this wonderful Medlar and although this is not the most stunning photo i was properly chuffed to bits and we promptly went to the alotment and planted it there together. it will live for 300 years apparently so it’s nice to think it will be here long after i’ve gone. Coincidently the head gardener at River Cottage also planted one of these as his first tree. I had just got his wonderful book A Taste of the Unexpected and was reading it when Annie delivered the tree. also planted a morello cherry and victoria plum in the garden to eventually replace the boring non blossoming and thus non fruiting cherry we have already. I am eying up japanese wineberries and schezuan pepper plants now too… just wish it would stop raining.
feb2012 006
medlar tree
Also managed to bag an ipad and Kindle from my dad and Stokie Bloke respectively which was fabbo! As a librarian i thought i would be more ambivalent to the Kindle but i actually am very impressed with the feel and style of it. I downloaded Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo to read as my first book (far to easy to do!) and attempted to make a case for it. that is definitely work in progress so no photo liking this design for the ipad very much indeedy!

I was treated to bubbles and booze too and zola topped off the week with a crochet lesson at her house. So that’s how you hold the crochet hook!!! and i can read the patterns slightly more easily now. However am still not a natural so no photos yet. zola has probably completed a granny square blanket by now and mark will be creating his new fashion line in crochet as we speak!!!  what a lovely day I had.
feb2012 013 
feb2012 009
very warm hat knitted in 2 hours!

feb2012 011
skinny fit mitts by my mum
 before then it was very very cold so i knitted a crazy ski style hat in |Rowan Big Wool in  ONE EVENING – yes you read right it really only took 2 hours. my mum knitted the fab cabled gloves which are incredibly warm with some cheap hobby craft wool/acrylic mix. the pattern was from Ravelry and called Skinny Fit Mitts. Deirdre sent me a lovely parcel full of lace so i am thinking of a project for that very soon.

finally i picked up some interesting bits and bobs at WRAP – see below.

feb2012 007
string, weights and handmade pattern weights by me

feb2012 008
lace wool and buttons. um Kindle holder???

shed update next time i promise and  the new bedroom project unfolds...
thanks everyone for your birthday