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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

mostly books

just a very very quick post. i just my alphabet glue mag online and now notice they have 25% off any issue til friday. for the bibliophile like me its very lovely. i will have to look up alot of the books on the reading lists, as they are mostly american but the bookmaking projects are very fun too. link is here

i have been reading lots of gardening books and then ignoring all their advice and planting stuff anyway. I also started Lee Raven: Boy Thief by Zizou Corder whose Lionboy series was rather good. next i want to try the Hunger Games. the cildren are enjoyed Laurence Anholts Silly Stories (Shampoozel is my favourite so far i have to say. )I also am enjoying the inspiration of Jamie Oliver Cooking Mag and the lovely book Sarah Badger gave me for my birthday " Lovely things for girls of slender means". I may no longer be a girl but the projects are really good fun. we had a lovely time visiting the Holts in Cambo this weekend. weather has been beautiful and sunny though our poor plants could do with a  little rain. we have hosepipe ban imminent. yes it's true.

here's an old project jsut to show you. J's blanket appliqued with rockets made from old baby gro's !! i even hand sewed silver thread around each rocket and star for extra outer spacey effect.
bedroom project update next time. i promise.

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