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Monday, 9 April 2012

Mostly Easter!

It’s been a choc,cake, chick and crown fuelled Easter round here. Here’s a round up of the last few weeks easter makes.

easter 001 easter 006
easter 007 easter 009
Easter Bonnet competition at school. O did not  want to make a crown (you can imagine that conversation!)but it really suited the lovely chick she made. she did all her own labels hanging off it too. i think it was a great crown.
we’ve had loads of parties recently and this one was lovely – as were nicky’s great cakes- yum!
easter 042

easter 015 easter 016
Here is our Easter Tree- much to the disgust of Stokie Bloke- who thinks its a bunch of twigs! We decorated the wooden egg templates last year and the birds were from our wedding I think.
march 2012 031 march 2012 032
march 2012 034 march 2012 033
Last of all some Easter Bunny Chains for our mantelpiece. O made daisy’s and eggs, while I did these. It’s been a very wet indoorsy Easter and these came from a rainy day book we found.
march 2012 028

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