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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mostly River Cottage

Yes I know you have been waiting, like forever to hear about the River Cottage experience and so I am about to oblige. I do however have one slight confession. I forgot to take my camera on hols! Agh what a twit. I did take my iPad but then that battery ran out mid bread bake. Grrrr it was probably for the best as I did get covered in bread dough And flour. Ah the joy of cooking in someone else's kitchen AND not having to tidy up anything afterwards... yeah!
It was a wonderful day (River Cottage Bread) I have to say, and I preceded it by a little snack at the River Cottage Canteen in Axminster. Yum a Rama!

river cottage marquee
messy breadmaker river cottage
river cottage bread easter 002
the picture of the baked bread is not the cottage loaf i made at River Cottage as that is when my ipad ran out. however it is of a loaf made at home to Aiden Chapman’s recipe and it was delish!!! link here to Aiden’s wonderful bakery and recipes. The secret is making some dough mix 18 hours in advance, adding more water than i ever realised and having a stinking hot oven but cooking for way less time than most recipes ever say – like about 20-25 mins as opposed to the 40-45 mins most books say ( thus drying out the bread horribly).
We also had a lovely meal at the River Cottage Axminster Canteen on the day before. It was scrummy and very reasonable as well as being relaxed. the kids ate most of my Mum’s asparagus and declared it lovely. It also tempted me to make some wild garlic pesto – there was loads of the stuff next to our holiday home in Charmouth!

easter 004
wild garlic pesto a la River Cottage

river cottage axminster canteen me at river cottage canteen
Charmouth was lovely and we did well with the weather considering its turned cold and rainy since those balmy days of March. And it was my wonderful Mum’s 70th Birthday – Happy Birthday Mum!!!
mum at charmouth

 some nice beach pics for you.
charmouth1 march 2012 008 march 2012 002
march 2012 009 march 2012 018 march 2012 011
march 2012 014 seagul march 2012 021
time to go. tooth news next time!

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