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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mostly Victorians

It’s been a busy old time recently so as usual the blog gets neglected a bit. The garden is growing, the allotment still needs a huge amount of work and what with birthday parties and school stuff for Easter, it’s been rush rush rush. We’re back from holiday now so expect a few catch up posts!
Firstly O has been doing Victorians at school. This is her first foray into to history and we have been hugely enjoying watching Horrible Histories on CBBC. The songs are really genius. I am partial to British Things sung by Queen Victoria! O had a school assembly where they sang Food Glorious Food from Oliver! and she had a few lines to say which went well. We also had a session making a Victorian house and a visit to Revelly Lodge in Bushey which was really good.
easter 047 easter 011
easter 012 easter 013
The Lodge is part of Bushey Museum and I must have driven past it loads of times but as it is unmarked had no idea what it was. The kids dressed up and had a Victorian lesson, tea and did the laundry with the aid of some very willing volunteers.
easter 052 easter 064 easter 065
easter 058 easter 067 easter 055
Of course the garden is sprouting – literally and up to last thursday we had weeks of glorious sunshine and no rain at all. Now its rained a bit because its the Easter Hols and the temp has dropped massively and ironically we have a hosepipe ban already. I foresee many trips with the watering can… The Sprouting Brocoli is finally ready and very yummy,especially in a cheesy gratin style.
easter 073
easter 063
Making stuff next time and also the River Cottage Update!

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