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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

mostly rhubarb

easter 016

yes folks this is how my asparagus should be looking but after the wettest April on record and very cold weather my asparagus bed is mainly hosting weeds. am very disappointed what with all that digging an all! I should really have a picture of all the rhubarb at the alotment as it is the title of the post but I have hardly been there and even then had no camera as it was raining. boo.

Instead we now have chicken pox in the house or chicken spots as J calls them. As we can’t go out much and the weather is awful we’ve taken to alot of baking ( and eating natch!)

easter 035

am baking bread every other day, in fact a loaf is waiting to made downstairs now so this will be a short post. i am so pleased with how the bread is turning out – basically tasty and very well risen each time. Stokie Bloke is rather pleased too as he wasn’t expecting such a tasty side effect from his birthday gift to me. the bread machine went to the charity shop – good riddance.

i tried making macaroons for mums birthday. they don’t win any awards and are deffo much harder than they look. will stick to the coconut ones in future – easier and tastier too!

easter 042 march 2012 022


nice and warming bread and butter pudding made with dried apricots and bread spread with  homemade marmalade – mmm. below is the favourite cookie recipe ever with pistachios and choc chunks. am sure the recipe is on  here somewhere. and last but not least Rhubarb sweet rolls  from here via a lovely Dutch website called Vlitig These buns were amazing and had the special added ingredient of condensed milk. yeah cookies, cake and now bread all containing a miracle ingredient.  Rhubarb is the only thing growing at the alotment so i will try the Rhubarb and Orange jam listed on the Vlitig page too.


march 2012 027


Ok now i do admit the buns are slightly overcooked on the top but the honestly tasted fine with the addition of a little light icing…

Photo 04-05-2012 20 14 50

lastly but by not means leastly some lemony oaty biscuits from Jamie Mag issue 28. completly different from his as i added oats and golden syrup and the left over bun icing but boy are they tasty. please please weather improve soon so i can stop eating so much baking!!!

Photo 07-05-2012 18 46 53

check out his website for more info.

must see to that bread now. ta ra.

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