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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

mostly summer fayres

its that time of year when everyone but everyone is fundraising with ye goode olde summer fayre. shame the weather isn’t playing ball. i was nearly blown to the next town the day  i did our local community fair a few weeks back. the gazebo buckled under the strain and was then  nicked from our front drive! it doesn’t stay up so whoever stole – good luck i hope it collapses on you! it saved me a trip to the tip i suppose! ha ha

I did sell a few things – my pin boards were sucessful and so were the magnets and hair clips. Toothies went down well but generally it was slow and quite alot of stuff came back home with me. not sure i will do it again – famous last words.

some pics here

June 2012 059

gazebo gone and me holding on for dear life…

June 2012 061

lavender bags – sold none!!!

June 2012 064

kids aprons – sold a few then split mustard all over one!!! oops

June 2012 053 June 2012 051 

tote bag kits – example i whipped up, sold one!!!

ah well i am sure i can use some of the stuff as presents and i will have to have a rethink on the making/ selling stuff.

A small amount of sun came out this week so we have some lovely wild strawberries in the garden.

June 2012 067

perfect and beautiful!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Mud and Wellies aka Festivals

hello there. there has been a bit of theme around here recently. lots of celebrating for no good reason other to than to enjoy ourselves. Yes its festival time. first off there was Wychwood Festival again this year. As we drove off in the bucketing rain along the M40 Stokie Bloke and I did wonder what an earth we were doing camping in gale force winds and rain. However we were lucky and the sun did shine and we did not get wet. there was mud and wellies of course; its obligatory for an english summer festival. generally not as good as last year and j wandered off twice which was rather alarming. James as the main act on sat night was fantastic though. some shots of the best bits below.

June 2012 001  
June 2012 018  

June 2012 004 June 2012 008 June 2012 026

June 2012 015 June 2012 017 June 2012 014

June 2012 030 June 2012 021  
June 2012 031 June 2012 035

June 2012 042

grande finale – James headline set saturday night, o awake but j asleep!

June 2012 047 June 2012 046  

then we had Imagine Watford. I have managed to miss most of this weekend’s display due to bad weather and bad planning but Corinne and I  did see Insectes on friday night. it was hilarious to see what the watford clubbers made of it!

June 2012 079

June 2012 070

June 2012 083

finally the Holt family festival took place this year again at the Dovecote. Whilst the weather was poor the company and food were as ever excellent! only a few pics though as I was trying to make teas and coffees and dodge the rain clouds.

June 2012 099

i think at one point there were 5 men around the BBQ…I missed that photo op but i am sure there is a joke in there somewhere! the spa pool made its annual outing much to the screaming delight of the kids.

June 2012 092 

next up Oveg fayre update and some crafts at last.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Frogs and Slow worms

i kinda freaked when I first saw a grass snake and the slow worms at the allotment but they must be eating the slugs so they can’t be all bad. they like living under carpet and the lethal bit of asbestos on my compost heap!

may 2012 048

may 2012 088

may 2012 092

i let j loose with the camera to see what he came up with and the second frog shot above is his. not bad little man. a further selection of his artistic efforts below.

may 2012 093 may 2012 091  
may 2012 081 may 2012 084  

For the Jubilee a week or so back we went to London Town, got soaked and then ate scones and clotted cream. the only way we Brits know how to celebrate!! Nandos with Farrah and Carissa saved the day!
may 2012 105 may 2012 108

may 2012 115 may 2012 117
may 2012 116 may 2012 112

Homemade strawberry jam natch!!!! lovely to see Miss S Badger too. x

normal service has resumed

hopefully! sorry for the break folks but a potential virus on the PC put the blog entries to a halt. i have yet to figure blogging on the ipad. any tips gratefully received!.

here’s a quick summary of the last month! We had a couple of nice weeks then more torrential rain and lots of wind. not a lot a is growing though the tulips looked great and lasted well. tulips are my favourite, it must be the dutch heritage.

may 2012 004 may 2012 006
may 2012 052 may 2012 066

I have been making madly for the OVEG summer fair tomorrow. some nice girly clips here. very easy to make.

may 2012 016 may 2012 018
may 2012 003 may 2012 002

i did sew the button ones but these were just colour matching before the final fixing. the crochet one was meant to be a broach but looks nicer this way and the little padded balls are from Sania Pell’s Homemade Home for Kids a lovely book.

Also revamped some old cork boards with paint ,fabric, ribbon and glue

may 2012 070

Someone lost her first tooth…

may 2012 020

and someone turned 4 years old! we have been very busy.

may 2012 027

may 2012 036

I was quite pleased with the cake. I had to top the Octonauts one from last year you see.

progress report from Oveg fair soon.