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Friday, 15 June 2012

Frogs and Slow worms

i kinda freaked when I first saw a grass snake and the slow worms at the allotment but they must be eating the slugs so they can’t be all bad. they like living under carpet and the lethal bit of asbestos on my compost heap!

may 2012 048

may 2012 088

may 2012 092

i let j loose with the camera to see what he came up with and the second frog shot above is his. not bad little man. a further selection of his artistic efforts below.

may 2012 093 may 2012 091  
may 2012 081 may 2012 084  

For the Jubilee a week or so back we went to London Town, got soaked and then ate scones and clotted cream. the only way we Brits know how to celebrate!! Nandos with Farrah and Carissa saved the day!
may 2012 105 may 2012 108

may 2012 115 may 2012 117
may 2012 116 may 2012 112

Homemade strawberry jam natch!!!! lovely to see Miss S Badger too. x

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