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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

mostly summer fayres

its that time of year when everyone but everyone is fundraising with ye goode olde summer fayre. shame the weather isn’t playing ball. i was nearly blown to the next town the day  i did our local community fair a few weeks back. the gazebo buckled under the strain and was then  nicked from our front drive! it doesn’t stay up so whoever stole – good luck i hope it collapses on you! it saved me a trip to the tip i suppose! ha ha

I did sell a few things – my pin boards were sucessful and so were the magnets and hair clips. Toothies went down well but generally it was slow and quite alot of stuff came back home with me. not sure i will do it again – famous last words.

some pics here

June 2012 059

gazebo gone and me holding on for dear life…

June 2012 061

lavender bags – sold none!!!

June 2012 064

kids aprons – sold a few then split mustard all over one!!! oops

June 2012 053 June 2012 051 

tote bag kits – example i whipped up, sold one!!!

ah well i am sure i can use some of the stuff as presents and i will have to have a rethink on the making/ selling stuff.

A small amount of sun came out this week so we have some lovely wild strawberries in the garden.

June 2012 067

perfect and beautiful!

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