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Monday, 25 June 2012

Mud and Wellies aka Festivals

hello there. there has been a bit of theme around here recently. lots of celebrating for no good reason other to than to enjoy ourselves. Yes its festival time. first off there was Wychwood Festival again this year. As we drove off in the bucketing rain along the M40 Stokie Bloke and I did wonder what an earth we were doing camping in gale force winds and rain. However we were lucky and the sun did shine and we did not get wet. there was mud and wellies of course; its obligatory for an english summer festival. generally not as good as last year and j wandered off twice which was rather alarming. James as the main act on sat night was fantastic though. some shots of the best bits below.

June 2012 001  
June 2012 018  

June 2012 004 June 2012 008 June 2012 026

June 2012 015 June 2012 017 June 2012 014

June 2012 030 June 2012 021  
June 2012 031 June 2012 035

June 2012 042

grande finale – James headline set saturday night, o awake but j asleep!

June 2012 047 June 2012 046  

then we had Imagine Watford. I have managed to miss most of this weekend’s display due to bad weather and bad planning but Corinne and I  did see Insectes on friday night. it was hilarious to see what the watford clubbers made of it!

June 2012 079

June 2012 070

June 2012 083

finally the Holt family festival took place this year again at the Dovecote. Whilst the weather was poor the company and food were as ever excellent! only a few pics though as I was trying to make teas and coffees and dodge the rain clouds.

June 2012 099

i think at one point there were 5 men around the BBQ…I missed that photo op but i am sure there is a joke in there somewhere! the spa pool made its annual outing much to the screaming delight of the kids.

June 2012 092 

next up Oveg fayre update and some crafts at last.

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