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Friday, 15 June 2012

normal service has resumed

hopefully! sorry for the break folks but a potential virus on the PC put the blog entries to a halt. i have yet to figure blogging on the ipad. any tips gratefully received!.

here’s a quick summary of the last month! We had a couple of nice weeks then more torrential rain and lots of wind. not a lot a is growing though the tulips looked great and lasted well. tulips are my favourite, it must be the dutch heritage.

may 2012 004 may 2012 006
may 2012 052 may 2012 066

I have been making madly for the OVEG summer fair tomorrow. some nice girly clips here. very easy to make.

may 2012 016 may 2012 018
may 2012 003 may 2012 002

i did sew the button ones but these were just colour matching before the final fixing. the crochet one was meant to be a broach but looks nicer this way and the little padded balls are from Sania Pell’s Homemade Home for Kids a lovely book.

Also revamped some old cork boards with paint ,fabric, ribbon and glue

may 2012 070

Someone lost her first tooth…

may 2012 020

and someone turned 4 years old! we have been very busy.

may 2012 027

may 2012 036

I was quite pleased with the cake. I had to top the Octonauts one from last year you see.

progress report from Oveg fair soon.


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