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Monday, 23 July 2012

Mostly summer at last!

At last we have sun. The jet stream has gone off to bother another poor country at last. We finished school last week , the kids were so ready for a break and we gave our lovely teachers dovecote filled lavender bags.

We have made lots of homemade lollies with puréed fruit Greek yoghurt and icing sugar to taste. Yum!
Topping and tailing
Today I picked nearly a kilo of red currants and there are still more to pick. It is about 26 degrees outside and the kids have got some Indian war paint on (aka chalk and water paste). I made a quick Indian tent for them and they are happily playing in it reading "Where's Wally?"

Enjoy the sun! I am off to find the pump for the paddling pool...


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

mostly squirrels and summer bags

Ok not only have I had to contend with Spanish slugs the size of frogs all the dratted wet spring and summer, merrily chomping on my veg plants, but now to add insult to injury i find a squirrel sitting on my allotment shed roof eating my tasty broad beans!!! Caught in the act the little horror. I threw a stone at him in disgust but my mind was thinking darker thoughts of squirrel traps and other dastardly means to stop the little blighter. I think it tipped me over the edge slightly (only slightly debs???) the rest of the crops are limping on sadly without sun but we have had some lovely raspberries and strawberries so a quick soft set jam/pretentious coulis was made one evening. The rest were chucked in with a rhubarb crumble and mighty fine bedfellows they make I can tell you.

Bags seems to be one of those things you can always use! I like the speed of this pattern from the previous post (Sew Pretty Homestyle) and have tried it in some thicker fabric, a pretty floral and some Laura Ashley check from Zola's blind (is it up yet honey?)

Also a quick vinyl bag this time a small shaped tote, just need a Velcro clasp on the inside.I put a sweet little badge on the front where it will cover that up. Cute eh?

That's all for now - going to bed thinking about squirrel revenge....

Monday, 16 July 2012

Mostly motherhood

Ah the joys of motherhood. We have one child with a verruca and the other with headlice! Slapped cheek is going round school and the end of term is nigh. We are all ready for a break , mainly away from the germs! If we ever get any sun it might be a bonus too. We even resorted to that old staple playtime favourite the other day;playdough! Here are some kids concentrating very hard indeed on their doughy creations.It is home made play dough too!

The gloomy wet weather has inspired a set of upcycled patchwork blankets using old wool blankets from the stash and lots of sample material pieces from my sewing teacher. They are very therapeutic to make, especially laying out the pieces to match the colours in the most pleasing way. Stoke bloke has been mildly impressed and J said "I like the patterns you made mummy". I have made three so far and I have got rid of 3 blankets to boot! Two of the finished items are here.

The last one is a long bed runner to go with the master bedroom revamp so will add it to that update next time.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mostly bags and berries


We’ve had a little sun but a lota lota rain so the berries are struggling a bit this year. however we are getting through the strawberry milkshakes, strawberry ice cream and strawberries on anything else we can find. after all we don’t want the giant slugs to get them do we? and i do mean giant – urgh.

June 2012 125 June 2012 126

i’m not sure strawberries on porridge is that  yummy but it looked aesthetically pleasing! lots of little wild strawbs and some raspberries sneaked in too.

June 2012 120 June 2012 123

I have harvested some of the garlic and this too has been an unmitigated sucess this year. the only other time i grew it,  was in pots,  where it just rotted, so i was pretty pleased with this haul. they are currently drying in the shed. whenever i open it to get my garden tools out i get a very strong whiff of garlic indeed. i’m sure that’s good for something… J took these pics.

June 2012 137 June 2012 138

i’ve been doing some paid garden work for a friend recently and now she has decided to have a full landscape job done by Stokie Bloke which is pretty exciting! maybe this is more my metier after the craft show horror?my back may disagree though as its very stiff at the moment.

Stokie Bloke has given up beer for a week in honour of two big weekends out. i’m not sure i can ever remember that happening before! It’s fast approaching the end of term and summer fairs and sports days are upon us. I actually won a raffle prize a the school summer fair of a family portrait session so watch this space! family haircuts first methinks, as we are all looking a bit woolly. We celebrated lots of june birthdays for family and friends over the last week – 3 on the same day!! J and I made courgette and apple cake for uncle wim from Katy’s “I can cook” tv recipe and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all. will add my amended recipe next time.

Courgette and apple cake

finally quite alot of sorting of the stash has been taking place too. i returned 5 bagfuls to WRAP of stuff i would probably have never done anything with ( although some bits i am missing already – sad I know) and some other stuff to charity instead of trying to ebay it. this left me with an idea for some quilts which are nearly finished and also some useful pieces to make Rowan’s bag with. Rowan is part of the Holt gang and i much admired her bags at the recent do ( see previous post). Promptly i borrowed “ Sew Pretty Homestyle” by Tone Finnanger from the library and here is numero uno. i agree with Rowan that the fabric handles are much nicer though. i’m not a huge fan of all the sew pretty twee stuff but this one is a keeper!

i had a super young model to pose with it. thanks O – great job!

June 2012 115 June 2012 116 June 2012 117

bye for now