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Monday, 16 July 2012

Mostly motherhood

Ah the joys of motherhood. We have one child with a verruca and the other with headlice! Slapped cheek is going round school and the end of term is nigh. We are all ready for a break , mainly away from the germs! If we ever get any sun it might be a bonus too. We even resorted to that old staple playtime favourite the other day;playdough! Here are some kids concentrating very hard indeed on their doughy creations.It is home made play dough too!

The gloomy wet weather has inspired a set of upcycled patchwork blankets using old wool blankets from the stash and lots of sample material pieces from my sewing teacher. They are very therapeutic to make, especially laying out the pieces to match the colours in the most pleasing way. Stoke bloke has been mildly impressed and J said "I like the patterns you made mummy". I have made three so far and I have got rid of 3 blankets to boot! Two of the finished items are here.

The last one is a long bed runner to go with the master bedroom revamp so will add it to that update next time.

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