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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

mostly squirrels and summer bags

Ok not only have I had to contend with Spanish slugs the size of frogs all the dratted wet spring and summer, merrily chomping on my veg plants, but now to add insult to injury i find a squirrel sitting on my allotment shed roof eating my tasty broad beans!!! Caught in the act the little horror. I threw a stone at him in disgust but my mind was thinking darker thoughts of squirrel traps and other dastardly means to stop the little blighter. I think it tipped me over the edge slightly (only slightly debs???) the rest of the crops are limping on sadly without sun but we have had some lovely raspberries and strawberries so a quick soft set jam/pretentious coulis was made one evening. The rest were chucked in with a rhubarb crumble and mighty fine bedfellows they make I can tell you.

Bags seems to be one of those things you can always use! I like the speed of this pattern from the previous post (Sew Pretty Homestyle) and have tried it in some thicker fabric, a pretty floral and some Laura Ashley check from Zola's blind (is it up yet honey?)

Also a quick vinyl bag this time a small shaped tote, just need a Velcro clasp on the inside.I put a sweet little badge on the front where it will cover that up. Cute eh?

That's all for now - going to bed thinking about squirrel revenge....

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