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Friday, 3 August 2012

Mostly fruit

The weather rules us and the garden as usual. A very hot week Last week, (32degrees) then a dull moist week now.

We have been blown away by the Olympics. We loved the opening ceremony, totally British and eccentric! Mr Bean and 007, JK Rowling and Mike Oldfield with Jerusalem and Nimrod as sound tracks. Wow made me very proud. Anyway swimming, cycling and gymnastics have gripped us the most and the athletics starts this weekend, yippee!

Above are just some of the goodies we have picked this week.
I have also picked at least 4 lbs of redcurants and frozen some, jammed some and found a nicey spicey chutney which also uses the red onion crop.

We are also inundated with courgettes due to rain and short burst on sun. The kids are growing equally fast - they will need haircuts again soon! They have got new school shoes and we are nearly done for uniform shopping now. They have been very cheeky and saved some favourite pics from their Toca Boca games on the ipad, so I thought I would show you. I love the graphics and the little mad noises these games make.This hair salon one is funny. Duck Duck Moose is a another good educational games provider and we downloaded the Barefoot Books World Atlas which is really impressive too. we can learn all about the different countries in the Olympics! Jamie Leigh made a video of the kids using Imovie and she and O made a song using garage band! all very creative.

Lets hope the real hair cuts don't look like this

Difficulty and se


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