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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mostly Red White & Blue

Wow what a day of Olympic sport yesterday. I did shed a tear last night by the time Mo Farrah Won his race as it was so emotional! What an amazing games we are having. Shame about the #footballpenaltycurse.Ooh I just invented a twitter hash tag inadvertently because of this crazy iPad keyboard.

Anyway I had a request from SJ for garden pics so here they are. Stokie Bloke is doing her garden landscaping at the moment so her family is all fired up by the garden. we are so pleased to be back in touch with them and inspiring them to get out in the garden again!

The beans especially have done well with the cooler weather and they look lovely with the sweet peas growing thought them.

we went to WRAP this week and I got some lovely fabric and the kids wanted to make flowers. They knew WRAP had the circular cardboard so this was their idea. I helped j and o did her own thing (natch!) guess which is whose. The cycling time trial was on while the glue and ribbons were flying!

wrap also has a selection of 1970s craft mags that someone has donated called Golden Hands. here is a funky sock pattern that strangely seems to be right back in fashion. I can t sock knit but I challenge Zola and deirdre to have a go!!!!

Here are two cushions which I made to go in the front rooms red white and blue theme how apt. They are made with a baby blanket which o had as a present and some vintage buttons from Luisa with hand sewing embellishment. Then I mastered the old invisible zipper and voila. They have been a long time in the making.

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  1. Love the cushions.....catching up on blog reading bait late!