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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

mostly medals

Some random updates using the photos on the iPad as I have been too lazy to upload all the camera pics to the pc yet. The summer hols officially end today and tomorrow my little man is off to school. I can quite believe that time is here. It seems like only yesterday that O started school not long after we had moved here. I 'll be wearing those dark glasses in the playground that's for sure!

It's been an immense Olympic summer. We spent a great day at the Olympic park on O's birthday last Friday. The atmosphere was superb and I was really impressed with the site and the facilities too. Will post some arty pics soon but here are my two Olympians in all their glory! They even made me a medal saying worlds best mum! If there was a medal for rope swings they would get it. They are obsessed with and are fighting over it, hanging from it, spinning round on it and dangerously hanging upside down on it!

While I was taking a pic i thought I would show you a quick whipped up scarf made from some salvaged WRAP fabric. It's hard to sew jersey to shiny stuff but i i topstitched it and it looks ok and I'll wear it over winter. It is very hard to take decent self portraits I have realised. My chest looks unusually large here: it's the angle darlings honestly!

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