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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mostly pink things

Just a quick post on some pink things that have come our way recently. Some lovely dahlias from a couple we met a the allotment. Next year I think will plant up the old tin bath at the allotment with some.
Coasters for the monkey and weasel. Edged not very well but the sentiments are inspired, if I say so myself! A doodah by the way is a hot squash! Vaguely pink!
I have read some good books and borrowed this Minieco "eco-friendly crafting with kids" book from the library and am v impressed by the book and blog. Check it out is nice to see really original ideas and a British blog for a change.

We made the cup poppers very quickly from cups and balloons and pompoms and it's fun to watch the kids try to catch the pompoms! I had pink cups for some reason. Make sure you cut the balloon enough so that it does not squash the cup when you slip it on. The book has gone back to the library now but there is lots on the minieco blog to inspire.

Next up a lone tomato. Not quite pink and I did not even grow it from scratch -it's my uncles plant which he gave me!Lots of raspberries now including the gold ones. This lovely recipe for clafoutis is a waitrose one and keeper. There is only half left here as it was v yummy. Check their website for it.

lastly the kids reading in bed. O is reading to J now which they both love! They Re back to school this week so the end of the holidays are nigh. We will enjoy the last few days and update you with all the latest news inc O's 6th birthday, just gone.



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