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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pitta bread and pirate flags

Just wanted to share a nice online magazine i came across a month or so back.
CovetGarden is a lovely online magazine from Canada based on beautiful homes in Toronto.the mag is free and the archives are great browsing material too.
We have been making our own pitta breads with the Veg Everyday (by Hugh FW)recipe.
The dough is lovely and easy and the kids love rolling out the pittas.
The same dough makes great pizza bases too, we tried them last night!
They freeze well too!

Another rather delicious recipe, using, guess what, my favourite ingredient again,
yes, condensed milk! This time however is the caramelised version, even more yummy!
I couldn't quite believe that I needed to add a whole tin but it was worth it for
The text message from Stokie bloke telling me how nice it was!
I was just looking for the recipe on the waitrose site but its not there.
i will make it again in the interests of recipe testing and pass it on to you.
Apples are in short supply this year as hardly any blossom set (same for pears and plums)
So these donations are gratefully received.and they are yummy.

The other day we did some arty stuff based on Usborne craft cards, both projects quite successful.The princess hat and pirate flags were chosen by the kids and started off by me. They added the decorations.

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