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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Mostly art

I joined Little Bird while at the Lollibop festival with O in the summer and just saw a great offer for ANORAK' s happy magazine so I have ordered 
some as Xmas presents. They have arrived and are very lovely. I will take some to the windmill next week for half term. There
are stacks of creative kids mags out there, we have sampled Lotta and Alphabet Glue and 
Action Packs (all mentioned on the blog before) and I am sure there are more too. Do you know of any good ones?
Over the last few weeks I have made some excellent thrifty finds. Here's a few:

The linen sunflower apron was made in Italy and went perfectly with the
cookbook for Farrah's present.
Wellies for the allotment, much more comfy than the last pair!
Lovely pink egg chicken!

Cute tracing set which the kids enjoyed.
Speaking of arty kids, it was jobs week this week and J decided he wants to be an artist when he grows up so we made him an outfit!

Cute eh?! Thanks to sarah badger for the moustaches!

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